1. 24 Jun, 2022 1 commit
  2. 14 Jun, 2022 1 commit
  3. 10 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • Petr Chudoba's avatar
      Adds beam pipes · 643cf1bc
      Petr Chudoba authored
      New media.geo used in the generation of beampipes v21e and v21f
      v21f has no deflection i.e. no magnetic field
      v21e has maximum deflection i.e. Gold 2AGeV
      Fixes the weight atomic number discrepancy
      New definition of the carbon fiber
      Inserts materials int the root binary
      Includes proper material definitions in both binaries
      Corrects the names of the top volumes in both binaries
      newly generated binaries to resolve radiation lenght discrepancy
      Resolves the naming convention discrepancy
      New binaries for downstream beampipe 21e (max deflection), 21f (no deflection), 21g (3.3AGeV), 21h (12AGeV) without internal overlaps
      Adds new versions of 21e and 21f files (forgoten in previous commit)
      Macros for beampipe geometry creation with VolumeAssembly used to avoid keep volumes
      Part of the which is supposed to be inside STS back wall is missing due to an unexplanable overlaps. The origin is not affected.
       create_bpipe_geometry_v21e.C - maximum deflection 2.5 deg
       create_bpipe_geometry_v21f.C ...
  4. 09 Jun, 2022 6 commits
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      STS_v22a · 19080a9f
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      contains an sts geometry with effectively 5 stations.
      Other stations are pushed well from the beam and target.
      Updates setup file and includes old design beampipe shifted.
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      mvd_v20g_tr change · c60bb97e
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      Changed to the last two stations removed instead of the first two
      at Sergey's request.
      MVD layers
      Reworking of the mvd such that all volumes are presevered,
      with unneeded layers shifted layers well outside experiment,
      in effect,
      mvd_v20f_tr has 1 sensor layer
      mvd_v20g_tr has 2 sensor layers
      mvd_v20i_tr has 3 sensor layers
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      Experimental split sts geometry · 6a3c0dc9
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      The sts which is split down the middle into a left and right side.
      This geometry is placed in the same volume ordering to pervent need
      for code changes.
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      MVD with 2 and 3 stations · 820a5eea
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      Based upon mvd_v20c_tr
      mvd_v20f has first station removed,
      mvd_v20g has first two stations removed,
      The top and bottom plate are also removed.
      Added a missing HexPly material in media.geo.
      updated sis18_electron to use mvd_v20g_tr, added back magnet geometry
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      CBM experiment using sis18 · 7ec9f8e4
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      An interest in running simulations of the CBM experiment with beam from sis18. Adds much setup
      based on full electron setup. Magnet, TRD, and psd geometries removed from setups.
      Magnetic field same as before but rescaled to 30%.
      GDML script for beam window, effectively a smaller STS beampipe is included.
      GDML script for elarged target (aka MVD) box design.
      pipe_v22c which is root geometry binary with combines these two geometries.
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      Remove faulty sts geometries · 0499d070
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      Several temporary test geometries were created for sts
      which have shown to be faulty in several system configurations
      are here removed.
  5. 05 May, 2022 1 commit
  6. 29 Apr, 2022 6 commits
    • David Emschermann's avatar
      Add and modify geometries and setups for CBM@SIS18 · b9b6da52
      David Emschermann authored
      - add TOF tof_v21a_1h_sis18, refs #2482
      - fix radlength bug in TOF@SIS18 21a geometry
      - add initial version of STS in a CBM@SIS18 setup, refs #2482
      - Add initial versions of platform and tof in a CBM@SIS18 setup, refs #2482
      - add STS v21f_sis18 for SIS19 setup, refs #2842
    • David Emschermann's avatar
      Add and modify mCBM setups for the 03/2022 carbon, iron and uranium runs · 58b8e96c
      David Emschermann authored
      - prepare setup files for mCBM 2022_03_22_iron and 2022_03_28_uranium, refs #2470 and refs #2471
      - add mCBM Carbon run setup produced by mcbm_transport.C, refs #2456
      - use new STS and MUCH geometries in the 2022_03_20 iron setup, refs #2470
      - Use mTOF 21f in 03_20 and 03_22 mCBM setups, refs #2470
      - use mMUCH 22h in mCBM setup 03_22, add mCBM 03_27 setup, refs #2479
      - provide recent setup files and update TOF v21f in setup ...20..., refs #2470
      - update mCBM setup 03_20 to 03_27 binary files to fix radlength bug in TOF geoms
      - use TRD v22g in the Uranium setup, refs #2483
    • David Emschermann's avatar
    • David Emschermann's avatar
      Add and modify mTOF geometries · e95c0fc6
      David Emschermann authored
      - Add mTOF 21e 21f + change how TOF is positioned: shift in y first then rotate around target, refs #2470
      - add TOF v21f binaries, refs #2470
      - fix radlength bug in mTOF 21f geometry
    • David Emschermann's avatar
    • David Emschermann's avatar
      Add and modify mMUCH geometries · 563b2a00
      David Emschermann authored
      - create medialist upon runnning the geometry macro, refs #2432 and refs #2472
      - MUCH v22g: GEMs and RPCs shifted out of acceptance, refs #2470
      - add mMUCH 22h-22i, fix 22f-22g, RPC and GEMs modules in various positions, refs #2479
      - resolve overlap with MUCH v22g, refs #2479
  7. 06 Apr, 2022 4 commits
  8. 31 Mar, 2022 1 commit
  9. 25 Mar, 2022 2 commits
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      Set DEC21 geometries as defaults · 238f16b1
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      Renames setups previousily in validation stage to be the new defaults
      for the DEC21 release. Changes function name to match filename.
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      Removes APR21 setups · ab9f28a5
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      Test setups for change of coordinate system are removed.
      Default APR21 setups are removed from repo.
  10. 14 Mar, 2022 3 commits
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  13. 04 Mar, 2022 1 commit
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      Bugfix in tof placement · 25ff3996
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      Placement of tof_v20c and tof_v21a placement is corrected. This commit
      overwrites existing geometries.
      Defines the local tof origin to be the most upstream postion which is
      the front surface of the frame.
  14. 02 Mar, 2022 5 commits
  15. 25 Feb, 2022 2 commits
  16. 21 Feb, 2022 1 commit
    • Administrator's avatar
      Update rich geometry · 5eca9e08
      Administrator authored
      This geometry files only adds copy numbers to the nodes. The geometry itself
      hasn't changed.
  17. 18 Feb, 2022 1 commit
  18. 15 Feb, 2022 2 commits