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Online QA updates: metadata for histograms and histogram plotting vs. timeslice index

Sergei Zharko requested to merge s.zharko/cbmroot:qa-online-ts-id into master

This merge request introduces:

  1. a possibility to define different properties of histograms to configure them on the histogram server;
  2. 1D-histogram plotting vs. time-slice index.

If one provides a flag cbm::algo::qa::EHistFlag::StoreVsTsId to a histogram on the online-binary side, histogram server will create an additional higher dimensional histogram with the "_ts_id" suffix in its name and update each histogram for a specific bin in the ts-index axis.

Note: this merge request is based on !1859 (merged).

The merge request also concerns the redmine issue 3324.

Edited by Sergei Zharko

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