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Add analysis tools for checking content of online digievent rra files

Not sure if this should be merged (at least pretty sure not in the current state)

This allowed me to check

  1. that both BMON sensors are found in online digis
  2. the mapping of the BMON channels (which was wrong 😓)
  3. that the spiky deltaT when using the HitMul trigger is indeed a plotting/binning artifact
  4. that "thinner" time correlations to BMon can be found in the "wide dt to event seed" V0 events of the last night of beamtime
  5. that later runs (3115) have higher pile-up in both BMon than earlier ones (2973), not sure if due to intensity or KO-extraction

Probably of interest also to @n.herrmann

  • I plan to add to this MR at least one pair task + macro to plot the same BMON checks for full timeslices (tsa) as I realized that from the rra we do not see all correlations
  • Need a merged !1833 (merged) for the legacy macro
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