Commit 7f98f86a authored by Nikolay Karpushkin's avatar Nikolay Karpushkin
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Clang format fix

parent 683b0761
......@@ -39,12 +39,12 @@ case $1 in
echo "Checking if there are format changes required"
git fetch $UPSTREAM
$GIT_CLANG_FORMAT_BIN --commit $BASE_COMMIT --diff $CHANGED_FILES --extensions h,hpp,c,C,cpp,cxx,tpl
$GIT_CLANG_FORMAT_BIN --binary $CLANG_FORMAT_BIN --commit $BASE_COMMIT --diff $CHANGED_FILES --extensions h,hpp,c,C,cpp,cxx,tpl
echo "Applying required format changes"
$GIT_CLANG_FORMAT_BIN --verbose --commit $BASE_COMMIT $CHANGED_FILES --extensions h,hpp,c,C,cpp,cxx,tpl
$GIT_CLANG_FORMAT_BIN --binary $CLANG_FORMAT_BIN --verbose --commit $BASE_COMMIT $CHANGED_FILES --extensions h,hpp,c,C,cpp,cxx,tpl
git status
echo "Next step: git add "$CHANGED_FILES
echo 'Then : git commit -m"Apply clang-format"'
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