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    STS v21[f,g] geometries · 6d8968cc
    Mehulkumar Shiroya authored
    v21f: STS geometry is similar to the version v21b. The target position considered from -4 cm.
    The geometry can be used with the beampipe with diameter 40 mm upstream side and 104 mm downstream side.
    The geometry has beampipe flange on the back-side of the wall.
    v21g: STS geometry is similar to the version v21e. The target position is at -44 cm considering global origin
    from the center of magnet. The STS local coordinate is from the last station.
    In both geometry, the STS box and the beam pipe flange is made of Carbon fiber: The material has 70% carbon fiber with
    density 1.75 g/cm3 and epoxy resin (30%) with density 1.2 g/cm3. The material is defined in media.geo file as