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Update autoinstall script

Switch from FairSoft version jun19p2 to jun19p3.
In the FairSoft release jun19p2 some download URLs have changed such that the
installation did not work any longer.
parent 49bb42d3
......@@ -31,13 +31,13 @@ exec &> >(tee -a .autoinstall_framework.log) # So the user can check up a comple
export ROOTVER=6
# put your desired variants here:
export FSOFTDEV=jun19p2
export FSOFTDEV=jun19p3
export FROOTDEV=v18.4.0
export FSOFTPRO=jun19p2
export FSOFTPRO=jun19p3
export FROOTPRO=v18.2.1
export FSOFTOLD=jun19p1
export FSOFTOLD=jun19p3
export FROOTOLD=v18.2.0
# set default version to pro
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