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Add support for stream compression in online hist-sender and hist-server

Heavily inspired on the FLESNET IPC OutputArchive and InputArchive
Compiles (at least when boost does have ZSTD as on cbmfles01) support but not tested
Redmine: Refs #3289

=> Not sure if I will have the time to do the testing myself so please feel free to suggest changes and/or push modifications


  • Cross-check linker options in various CMakeLists.txt
  • Test on node where boost does not have ZSTD support
  • Test enabling compression with boost ZSTD present
  • Test disabling compression with boost ZSTD present
  • Compare network usage in both cases when boost ZSTD present

Probably also of interest to @s.zharko

Edited by Pierre-Alain Loizeau

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