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Draft: Improve CI tests for the mvd detector

Florian Uhlig requested to merge f.uhlig/cbmroot:fix_mvd_CI_tests into master

Modify CI tests for the mvd detector

Unify the macros such that it possible to switch between event and timebased mode by a parameter. Add also a test of mixed mode where one has two mc files as input for the digitisation. Add new macro to execute mc matching and a simple analysis to check if the residuals of the positions are okay and also to see if the matching works.

Modify the build system such that all three run modes are tested.

Fix the access of MC information in CbmMvdQa

If not using the MCDataManager the code crashes when running in timebased mode. With the previous code one did not access the data at the correct entry but always for enty 0 which is wrong in best case ends in a crash to to a out-of-bounds access.

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