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Rich: implementation of matching rings to mcTracks for multiple MC input files

Martin Beyer requested to merge ma.beyer/cbmroot:rich_matchreco into master

This MR allows to match rings to MCTracks if multiple MC input files are provided, e.g. urqmd and beam background.
Related redmine issue #2731
Might be of interest for @f.kornas @v.friese .

In draft mode, since there are some todo's:
Some required changes:

  • In 6 places the 'vector<pair<Int_t, Int_t>>GetMcTrackMotherIdsForRichHit' implementation is used, which will not work after this MR anymore.

- [ ] Remove the 'vector<Int_t>' and 'vector<pair<Int_t, Int_t>>GetMcTrackMotherIdsForRichHit' functions

The CbmRichRingFinderIdeal is disabled (just reconstructing no rings) with this MR and will be properly implemented in a future MR,
supporting time-based mode and multiple MC inputs.
Also hits from the same mother particle in different RICH cameras will then be properly taken into account for the CBM RICH.

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