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mMuCh Hit reconstruction and including mMuCh in mcbm L1 macro

Vikas Singhal requested to merge v.singhal/cbmroot:master into master

For mMuCh, following changes introduced:- 1: CbmMuchBeamtimeDigi may be disabled and CbmMuchDigi can be used for mMuCh also. 2: For the same CbmDigiManager changed. 3: Changes done in CbmMuchFindHitsGem class to construct hits for mmuch m22j geometry. 4: Added lines in the mcbm_event_reco_L1.C macro for mMuCh hit reconstruction. 5: Updated CbmMcbmUtils.cxx file for setup named mcbm_beam_2022_06_18_gold.

Regards Vikas + Chandrasekhar

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