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Tracking indices fixes for mcbm setups (v21d, v24b and v24d) + online tracking parameters update

  1. Update of the v21d TOF parameters disables RPCs with iSMType=9 and iSM=1 (z > 400 cm) and the Bmon RPC (iSMType=5) in the CA tracking. This modification is necessary for the new scheme of zMin and zMax estimation of the TOF tracking station (see ADD LINK TO MR). Please note, that previously the corresponding hits were removed using the hack cuts (on z or address of the hit), so one should not expect a big difference in the data reconstruction results using the mcbm_beam_2021_07_surveyed setup.

  2. Update of the ca_params_online.yaml: the inactive station selection field is removed. The field makes no action if the material budget maps for the CA tracking are read from the ca.par file, which can be confusing.

  3. Update of the v24b and v24d TOF parameters improves the TOF tracking station indices in the new mCBM setups (mcbm_beam_2024_03_22_gold and mcbm_beam_2024_05_08_nickel, respectively). Please note, that this update was requested for a merge with into mcbm/cbmroot_parameters as well (see MR).

  4. Update of the tracking parameter files for the online reconstruction:

    • new TOF tracking stations zMin and zMax are taken into account
    • parameters for the mcbm_beam_2024_03_22_gold and the mcbm_beam_2024_05_08_nickel setups (with and without TRD)
Edited by Sergei Zharko

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