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Add mcbm2022 TOF v21k_mcbm geometry

Sergey Gorbunov requested to merge se.gorbunov/cbmroot_geometry:tof21k into master
  1. TOF 21k_mcbm geometry taken from Norbert working directory: /lustre/cbm/users/nh/git/cbmroot/geometry/tof/tof_v21k_mcbm.geo.root

  2. It is set as default in setup_mcbm_beam_2022_05_23_nickel.C

  3. The corresponding parameter file is commited here: cbmroot_parameter!157 (closed)

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In case you committed a new geometry:

  • Ran the scripts for materials and radiation length check on my new geometry file? (and read carefully the output of course)
    bash ci_scripts/ <path>/<file>.geo.root
  • Added also the corresponding creation macro?
  • Checked that the geometry does not contains unexpected overlaps, e.g. either at end of the creation macro or with the something similar to the mCBM macro

In case you committed a new setup file:

  • Checked that all geometries listed are present in the repository?
  • Ran the CBMROOT macro/geometry/check_media.C on the corresponding .geo.root file? (output by the transport macro)
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