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FSD granularity study

Lukas Chlad requested to merge l.chlad/cbmroot_geometry:fsd_mr_gs into fsd_study

create_fsdgeo_studyGranularity.C - generates FSD made from 19200 modules of size 1cm x 1cm x 5cm, no hole for beam pipe

create_bpipe_geometry_v23a.C and create_bpipe_geometry_v23b.C generate BEAM PIPE specially designed to be matched with fsd_v23a, fsd_v23b respectively, where it's taken care of that there is no overlap of beam pipe part called "psdtube" and FSD detector. This is achieved by specifically cutting out a volume from "psdtube" to accommodate FSD. Logically then if one would like to regenerate the binaries, one has to start with FSD and then BPIPE.

To avoid confusions there are also provided two setup files, one for each pair: high beam momentum 12A GeV/v {pipe_v23a,fsd_23a} and low beam momentum 3.3A GeV/v {pipe_v23b,fsd_23b}.

The purpose of this MR is to provide geometries in official repository but in special branch, as this is to be used for FSD granularity study and once this will be settled these unrealistic geometries would not be needed anymore.

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