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/** @file run_reco_tsa.C
/** @file run_unpack_tsa.C
** @author Volker Friese <>
** @since July 2021
** @since May 2021
......@@ -28,12 +28,43 @@ std::shared_ptr<CbmTrdUnpackMonitor> GetTrdMonitor(std::string treefilename);
std::shared_ptr<CbmTrdSpadic> GetTrdSpadic(bool useAvgBaseline = false);
/** @brief Macro for CBM reconstruction from raw data (timeslice archive)
/** @brief Macro for CBM reconstruction
** @author Volker Friese <>
** @since 14 July 2021
** @since 14 November 2020
** @param input Name of input file (w/o extension .raw.root)
** @param nTimeSlices Number of time-slices to process
** @param firstTimeSlice First time-slice (entry) to be processed
** @param output Name of output file (w/o extension .rec.root)
** @param sEvBuildRaw Option for raw event building
** @param setup Name of predefined geometry setup
** @param paramFile Parameter ROOT file (w/o extension .par.root)
** @param useMC Option to provide the trackfinder with MC information
** This macro performs from the digis in a time-slice. It can be used
** for simulated data (result of run_digi.C) or real data after unpacking.
** The macro covers both time-based reconstruction and event-based
** reconstruction using raw events build from digis. This can be selected
** by the forth argument. If left empty, no raw event builder will be
** employed and reconstruction will be time-based. The option "Ideal"
** selects the ideal raw event builder, which associates digis to events
** based on the MC truth. The option "Real" selects a real raw event builder
** (latest version, for older versions use "Real2018" or "Real2019").
** The file names must be specified without extensions. The convention is
** that the raw (input) file is [input].raw.root. The output file
** will be [input].rec.root if not specified by the user. The parameter file
** has the extension .par.root. It is assumed to be [input].par.root if
** not specified by the user.
** If no argument is specified, the input will be set to "test". This allows
** to execute the macro chain (run_tra_file.C, run_digi.C and run_reco.C)
** from the ROOT prompt without user intervention.
void run_unpack_tsa(std::string infile = "test.tsa", UInt_t runid = 0, const char* setupName = "mcbm_beam_2021_03",
std::int32_t nTs = -1, std::string outpath = "")
std::int32_t nevents = -1, std::string outpath = "")
// ========================================================================
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