Commit 10109123 authored by Viktor's avatar Viktor
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add missing source file

parent 617c5f13
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set(SOURCES AliHFInvMassFitter.cxx AliHFMassFitter.cxx)
set(SOURCES AliHFInvMassFitter.cxx AliHFMassFitter.cxx AliLog.cxx)
string(REPLACE ".cxx" ".h" HEADERS "${SOURCES}")
list(APPEND HEADERS "AliLog.h" "AliVertexingHFUtils.h")
list(APPEND HEADERS "AliVertexingHFUtils.h")
add_library(SignalExtraction SHARED ${SOURCES} G__SignalExtraction.cxx)
ROOT_GENERATE_DICTIONARY(G__SignalExtraction ${HEADERS} LINKDEF SignalExtractionLinkDef.h)
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