Commit f5b4c876 authored by Adrian Meyer-Ahrens's avatar Adrian Meyer-Ahrens
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Add myself as a code owner of papa, remove Etienne

parent b61c66dc
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@
/analysis/PWGCHA/ @i.selyuzhenkov
/analysis/PWGDIL/ @i.selyuzhenkov
/analysis/PWGDIL/dielectron/pi0eta/ @c.pauly
/analysis/PWGDIL/dielectron/papaframework/ @praisig
/analysis/PWGDIL/dielectron/papaframework/ @praisig
/analysis/PWGDIL/dielectron/lmvm/ @i.selyuzhenkov
/analysis/PWGDIL/dielectron/conversion/ @c.pauly
/analysis/PWGDIL/dimuon/ @i.selyuzhenkov
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