Commit e943bca1 authored by Alexandru Bercuci's avatar Alexandru Bercuci Committed by Pierre-Alain Loizeau
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add system time offset when calculating digi time

parent 1f953c3c
......@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ bool CbmTrdUnpackAlgoFasp2D::unpack(const fles::Timeslice* ts, std::uint16_t ico
// Cast required to silence a warning on macos (there a uint64_t is a llu)
if (VERBOSE) printf("time start %lu\n", static_cast<size_t>(msdesc.idx));
// define time wrt start of time slice in TRD/FASP clks [80 MHz]
fTime[0] = ULong64_t((msdesc.idx - fTsStartTime) / 12.5);
fTime[0] = ULong64_t((msdesc.idx - fTsStartTime - fSystemTimeOffset) / 12.5);
// Get the µslice size in bytes to calculate the number of completed words
auto mssize = msdesc.size;
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