Commit 2efee564 authored by Administrator's avatar Administrator Committed by Florian Uhlig
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Add new CbmOnlineData library

The new library currently only contains a ROOT free version of CbmStsDigi.
The code is still in core/data/sts. The class CbmStsDigi is currently compiled
twice. Once with ROOT dictionary an streamer in libCbmData and once without
any ROOT dependency in libCbmOnlineData. refs #2258
parent 9e5f6bb4
......@@ -382,6 +382,7 @@ endif()
add_subdirectory (external)
### Base directories
add_subdirectory (algo)
add_subdirectory (core)
add_subdirectory (sim)
add_subdirectory (reco)
add_subdirectory (data)
# Create a library called "libCbmOnlineData" which includes the source files given in
# the array .
# The extension is already found. Any number of sources could be listed here.
#---Create a shared library with geneated dictionary
add_library(OnlineData SHARED ${SRCS})
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