1. 11 Aug, 2021 1 commit
    • Eoin Clerkin's avatar
      Static test for media.geo · 0cb3deda
      Eoin Clerkin authored
      Semi-automated static check for media.geo file.
      Compares atomic number against the atomic mass.
      Compares relative amounts for composite materials.
      Output human readable names to help spotting of name and component mismatches.
      Includes bash script which just runs awk with correct media.geo file and an ASCII table of elements.
      Test is added to the pipeline
  2. 20 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      Fix CI pipeline after GitLab upgrade · 3fcab3ae
      Administrator authored
      Fix the stage for the rebase check.
      After the upgrade it lloks like that the pipeline doesn't run any longer in
      the context of the forked project but in context of the master project such
      that the project path wasn't correct any longer. This allows now to compare
      upstream/master to HEAD.
  3. 22 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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      Add test of the file type · c75cc219
      Administrator authored
      We don't want to have files with dos CRLF line endings in the repository,
      so we test if any of the changed files has this file type.
  4. 23 Oct, 2020 3 commits