Commit def36721 authored by Norbert Herrmann's avatar Norbert Herrmann
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remove target box

parent 4e226784
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ void setup_mcbm_beam_2020_03()
setup->SetTitle("SIS18 - mCBM Setup");
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kPlatform, platGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kPipe, pipeGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kTargetBox, targetboxGeoTag);
// setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kTargetBox, targetboxGeoTag);
// setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kMvd, mvdGeoTag); // skip mvd
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kSts, stsGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kMuch, muchGeoTag);
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