Adds beam pipes

New media.geo used in the generation of beampipes v21e and v21f

v21f has no deflection i.e. no magnetic field
v21e has maximum deflection i.e. Gold 2AGeV

Fixes the weight atomic number discrepancy

New definition of the carbon fiber

Inserts materials int the root binary

Includes proper material definitions in both binaries

Corrects the names of the top volumes in both binaries

newly generated binaries to resolve radiation lenght discrepancy

Resolves the naming convention discrepancy

New binaries for downstream beampipe 21e (max deflection), 21f (no deflection), 21g (3.3AGeV), 21h (12AGeV) without internal overlaps

Adds new versions of 21e and 21f files (forgoten in previous commit)

Macros for beampipe geometry creation with VolumeAssembly used to avoid keep volumes
Part of the which is supposed to be inside STS back wall is missing due to an unexplanable overlaps. The origin is not affected.
 create_bpipe_geometry_v21e.C - maximum deflection 2.5 deg
 create_bpipe_geometry_v21f.C - no magnetic field
 create_bpipe_geometry_v21g.C - Au+Au 3.3 AGeV/c, 50% MF
 create_bpipe_geometry_v21h.C - Au+Au 12 AGeV/c, 100% MF

Removal of the binaries pipe_v21e.geo.root, pipe_v21f.geo.root,pipe_v21g.geo.root, and pipe_v21h.geo.root picked up on  unknown place, possibly some old commit
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