Commit f29546b4 authored by Eoin Clerkin's avatar Eoin Clerkin
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Add sts_v20a

Bug: sts_v20a was missing from repo. sts_v20a is the same as sts_v19a
only that it is shifted by 40~cm downstream consistent with a change
of the global coordinate system from old target position to the center
of the magnet. Translation is not done via a seperate matrix included
with the TFile, instead internal via a transaltion between the top
and sts_v20a volumes.
parent 0c2fcd8b
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ void setup_sis100_electron_DEC21()
// ----- Geometry Tags --------------------------------------------------
TString magnetGeoTag = "v21a";
TString pipeGeoTag = "v21e";
TString pipeGeoTag = "v21d";
TString mvdGeoTag = "v20c_tr";
TString stsGeoTag = "v21e";
TString richGeoTag = "v21a";
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