1. 22 Jul, 2021 9 commits
  2. 21 Jul, 2021 4 commits
  3. 20 Jul, 2021 5 commits
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      Add tests with latest FairSoft/FairRoot version · a6f27126
      Administrator authored
      After the long standing problem with the external package AnalysisTree was
      fixed the tests with the latest FairSoft/FairRoot versions are enabled.
      Test on Debian 8, Debian 10 and CentOS 7.
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      Update the AnalysisTree version · 428265f4
      Administrator authored
      This version fixes a long standing problem of AnalysisTree with
      ROOT versions >= 6.20. The produced files couldn't be read anylonger.
      The problems is discussed in detail at https://redmine.cbm.gsi.de/issues/2108
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      Cleanup obsolete macros and tests in the macro/tof folder · 004391fa
      Pierre-Alain Loizeau authored
      - remove the tof_disim test and in fact the full macro/tof/CMakeLists.txt
      - move macro/tof/digitizer/GenTofBdfRootInput_v17a.C one level up
      - remove the macro/tof/digitizer folder
      - remove the macro/tof/qa folder
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      Update lmvm python scripts · cc53d8e1
      drslebedev authored and Florian Uhlig's avatar Florian Uhlig committed
      Adding lmvm combinatorial pairs procedure
      Develop combinatorial BG procedure and add corresponding histograms
      Correct pairing in CB and reverse formatting of python macros
      Add Single Particle Yield Histos
      Particle Yield and Acceptance of Electrons and Positrons is observed for various detector combinations.
      Formatting of python scripts after they had been tored by wrong application of clang format.
      WIP Add single particle histos
      WIP: Update single particle histograms
      WIP: Add histograms for nPoint
      Number of points the electrons / positrons leave in the various detectors
      Modify macros for common production
      Also some small adaptions in CbmAnaDielectronTask.cxx and in ana and litqa macros were done.
      Apply clang format
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      Properly destruct the TGeoManger · c80ef52f
      Administrator authored
      If the ROOT session is closed after the macro has finished the TGeoManger
      has to be properly destructed.
      This is done calling the macro RemoveGeoManager.
      Add thecall in macro where it was missing.
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