Commit a1d98b81 authored by Pascal Raisig's avatar Pascal Raisig Committed by Pierre-Alain Loizeau
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Fix warning of unused parameter in PsdAlgo

Removed the setDerivedTsParameters empty function implementation. It is handled by the base template
To be reimplemented when needed.
parent 3f2df0b0
......@@ -115,17 +115,6 @@ protected:
Bool_t initParSet(CbmMcbm2018PsdPar* parset);
* @brief Set the Derived Ts Parameters
* In this function parameters required by the explicit algo connected to the timeslice can be set.
* @param itimeslice
* @return true
* @return false
bool setDerivedTsParameters(size_t itimeslice) { return true; }
* @brief Unpack a given microslice. To be implemented in the derived unpacker algos.
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