Commit 9ce7c7c0 authored by Florian Uhlig's avatar Florian Uhlig
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Remove unused variables

parent ce30a753
// Author Cruz Garcia
// Based on MicrosliceContent.* from Michael Krieger
// -------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -63,9 +62,9 @@ size_t _next_dtm(std::vector<DTM>& dtms, const uint16_t *data_r)
auto data = data_r++;
auto link = uint16_t {*data_r++}; // eLink source
auto group = link;
auto empty = uint16_t {*data_r++};
// auto empty = uint16_t {*data_r++}; (FU) not used
auto addr = uint16_t {*data_r++}; // AFCK ID
auto size = size_t(data);
// auto size = size_t(data); (FU) not used
//printf("%04x %04x %04x %04x %04x\n", *data, link, group, empty, addr);
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