1. 22 Sep, 2022 2 commits
  2. 19 Sep, 2022 3 commits
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      Quick hacks to get compilation working · de415b4d
      Administrator authored
      Add some hacks which allow the compilation of all classes. Acctually most of
      them would result in runtime errors. This is currently tolerated since the
      tasks are currently not used during the reconstruction. When the file data and
      container layout is reached the consumer tasks of StsHits and StsClusters need
      to be fixed properly.
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      Remove inheritance from sts hits and clusters · b76c6252
      Administrator authored
      CbmStsHit and CbmStsCluster ar now normal classes without any inheritance from
      CbmCluster or CbmHit which also removes the inheritance from TObject.
      Both classes can now be stored in the std::vector and streamed to a ROOT file.
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      Fix cluster analysis · fd586c7c
      Administrator authored
      Remove rounding of the time value which introduces differences between the
      original tree and the new tree.
  3. 13 Sep, 2022 2 commits
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      Use the new data container CbmVector · 89878ca9
      Administrator authored
      CbmVector contains two vectors, one with the needed data and another one with
      auxillary data. The second vector with auxillary data isn't used yet.
      Currently only the original data classes CbmStsCluster and CbmStsHit are
      We now use yet another data container.
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      Add new data container and data classes · 040714d5
      Administrator authored
      Add the new container class CbmVector and the new data classes
      CbmStsClusterAux and CbmStsHitAux as well as some files which
      define the data objects used internally and which are written to file.
  4. 06 Sep, 2022 2 commits
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      Use vectors of StsHit and StsCluster · 42b2d362
      Administrator authored
      Use std:vector as container to store the STS clusters and hits. This container
      is also streamed to file. Currently only the producer taks is coverted to the
      new container format. All consumer tasks needs to be changed as well. This will
      be done only after the final stage of the stripped down data classes and the
      new CbmVector container implementation. After each step on the road to the
      final implementation it will be checked that the result hasn't changed.
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      Add new streamers · bec3c0f9
      Administrator authored
          New streamer definitions for vectors of StsCluster and StsHit were added.
          The streamer of StsHit was changed from "with +" to "w/o +". Without this
          change there was a runtime error when registering vector<CbmStsHit> for file
          output. The reason for the crash is not understood.
  5. 01 Sep, 2022 3 commits
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