1. 01 Feb, 2021 3 commits
  2. 29 Jan, 2021 5 commits
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      Fix install target · 6d929846
      Administrator authored
      Disable the installtion of gtest. It is currently not working and is also
      not needed.
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      Fix install target · 73e2170f
      Administrator authored
      Add missing symbolic links which are needed during installation.
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      Fix install target · 2f259fae
      Administrator authored
      Define CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR explicitly. In newer FairRoot versions the variable
      is needed to setup the proper LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the CbmRootConfig macros.
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      Fix install target · 35fe69cf
      Administrator authored
      When installing CbmRoot using FairRoot v18.4 and FairSoft there was a problem
      with the location of header files when executing macros. Some of the header
      files couldn't be found which for some of them worked with printing warning
      or error messages only. For other header files the macros simply crashed with
      error messages about not found header files. It is unclear if this is a
      FairRoot or Root issue but I would guess it is a Root problem.
      The issue was solved by simply removing the path from the header file name when
      generating the Root dictionary. In this case it is enough to specify the
      directory where all header files are installed when running Root using the
      environment variable ROOT_INCLUDE_PATH.
      In some of the build system files missing directories where added such that
      the dictionaries could be produced properly.
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      Modify mcbm macros to working defaults for TOF · 6b9653a0
      Norbert Herrmann authored and Pierre-Alain Loizeau's avatar Pierre-Alain Loizeau committed
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  4. 25 Jan, 2021 26 commits
  5. 23 Jan, 2021 4 commits