Commit 6a02028d authored by Eoin Clerkin's avatar Eoin Clerkin
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Updating the setup electron file.

parent 1c2179d5
......@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@ void setup_sis100_electron()
TString trdGeoTag = "v20b_1e";
TString tofGeoTag = "v20b_1e";
TString psdGeoTag = "v20a";
TString t0GeoTag = "v21a";
TString haloGeoTag = "v21a";
TString platGeoTag = "v13a";
// ------------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -75,6 +77,8 @@ void setup_sis100_electron()
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kSts, stsGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kRich, richGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kTrd, trdGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kHalo, haloGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kT0, t0GeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kTof, tofGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kPsd, psdGeoTag);
setup->SetModule(ECbmModuleId::kPlatform, platGeoTag);
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