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    12AGeV|3.3AGeV with 100%|60% magnet · 67945cfc
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    pipe_v22a is designed to be compatiable with psd_v22a
    has a 12AGeV beam with 100% magnetic field.
    pipe_v22b is compatiable with psd_v22b whcih is a 3.3AGeV
    beam with 60% magnetic field.
    This  geometry combines the work of several beampipes.
    For the upstream section a window section and STS section.
    A sts flange from sts_v21f geometry. A taget box from sts_v21h geometry.
    The wide conical section, bellows, are from beampipe v21e and v21f geometries.
    The downstream section is set by specifying the position of the psd.