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Installation Instructions for for CbmRoot
The easiest way to install CbmRoot is described in Chapter 3 which
introduces a scripts for automatic installation of CbmRoot and its
dependencies. If you are unsure how to install CbmRoot please follow
the instructions in this chapter.
# 1. Dependencies
## 1.1 Compiler
To be able to compile CbmRoot, the required compiler strongly depends on the used
FairSoft version.
When using FairSoft jun19p3 a compiler with full C++11 support is enough.
In this case GCC since version 4.8 and clang since version 3.4 are known to work
without problems.
If FairSoft apr21p2 is used a compiler which supports C++17 is needed. A GCC
beginning from version 7 and clang beginning from version 6 should be okay.
To be able to compile CbmRoot, the used compiler must support the C++17 standard.
A GCC beginning from version 7 and clang beginning from version 6 should be okay.
## 1.2 FairSoft
......@@ -30,7 +31,7 @@ the contained packages, can be found on the project's GitHub page:
This page should be considered the primary source of information regarding FairSoft,
which takes precedence over any others (which may in some cases be outdated).
Additional information, for instance regarding older versions, can be found on
Cbm Redmine:
CBM Redmine:
......@@ -117,7 +118,7 @@ source of problems.
After installing FairSoft and FairRoot, to install CbmRoot first
create a local clone of the Git repository using:
git clone
git clone
Subsequently, create a build directory:
......@@ -157,11 +158,22 @@ of this process is at
The one-line command which has to be executed inside the CbmRoot source
directory is
To get the script and the needed CbmRoot source code to your local computer
you need to clone the CbmRoot repository from out Git repository using:
git clone
The needed skript is then available in the CbmRoot source directory and can
be executed from there by a one-line command
./ --fairsoft --fairroot --cbmroot
The command automatically install the defined production versions of
FairSoft and FairRoot. If you want to check for the avaible options you can
get the complete list with
./ --help
If any problems appear and the script stops with an error message please
redo the installation step by step to see where the problem appears.
......@@ -179,16 +191,9 @@ combinations of FairSoft and FairRoot
| OS | FairSoft | FairRoot |
| Ubuntu 20.04 | jun19p3 | v18.2.1 |
| Ubuntu 20.04 | apr21p2 | v18.6.7 |
| OpenSuse 15.4 | jun19p3 | v18.2.1 |
| OpenSuse 15.4 | apr21p2 | v18.6.7 |
| Fedora 35 | apr21p2 | v18.6.7 |
| Fedora 35 | (jun19p3) | v18.2.1 |
In principle the FairSoft version jun19p3 can be installed on Fedora 35 but
due to the new gcc compiler (gcc 11.2) several changes to the various source
codes are needed.
# 4. Recommended versions
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