1. 05 Aug, 2021 3 commits
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  3. 30 Jul, 2021 7 commits
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      Filter some build warnings · 30a0d6bf
      Administrator authored and Florian Uhlig's avatar Florian Uhlig committed
      There are some warnings which only show up on some systems and can't be
      avoided. Filter them such that they don't show up on CDash.
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      Explicitly init FairTrack param. · 27e19212
      drslebedev authored and Florian Uhlig's avatar Florian Uhlig committed
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      Fix compiler warnings · 9ded4663
      Administrator authored
      These compiler warnings are only seen with clang on macosx.
      Fix format in printf and Form functions.
      Comment unused parameters.
      Use correct C++ version when building the external flesnet project.
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      Adapt code to new FairModule function · 609e5e08
      Administrator authored
      From FairRoot version v18.4.0 on the function CheckIfSensitive() of the class
      FairModule is deprecated and replaced by the function IsSensitive(). The old
      function is still available but usage results is a compilation error.
      To be able to use FairRoot v18.2.1 and newer versions both functions are
      implemented in the CbmRoot code where the old function simply forwards to the
      new one. If there is no need to support older FairRoot versions the old
      function can be simply removed from the source code.
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      Bug fix: Added missing break statement to loops in... · 0f67cbb8
      Dominik Smith authored
      Bug fix: Added missing break statement to loops in CbmAlgoBuildRawEvents::SetReferenceDetector() and CbmMcbm2019TimeWinEventBuilderAlgo::SetReferenceDetector().
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      Update run_reco.C macro · 915a7021
      Cornelius Feier-Riesen authored and Florian Uhlig's avatar Florian Uhlig committed
      	modified:   analysis/PWGDIL/dielectron/lmvm/CbmAnaDielectronTaskDrawAll.cxx
      	modified:   macro/analysis/dielectron/batch_job.py
      	modified:   macro/analysis/dielectron/batch_send_common.py
      	modified:   macro/analysis/dielectron/draw_all.py
      	modified:   macro/analysis/dielectron/hadd_many.py
      	modified:   macro/analysis/dielectron/run_analysis.C
      	modified:   macro/analysis/dielectron/run_litqa.C
      	modified:   macro/analysis/dielectron/run_reco.C
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