1. 17 Dec, 2021 2 commits
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      [MQ] Add new algo based unpacker device + related changes · bffd070a
      Pierre-Alain Loizeau authored and Pierre-Alain Loizeau's avatar Pierre-Alain Loizeau committed
      - Split the InitUnpacker method of the UnpackConfig template into
        - InitOutput
        - RegisterOutput (Framework bound, to be replaced by method in Task class CbmRecoUnpack)
        - SetAlgo
        - initParContainer, moved to the Task Class CbmRecoUnpack
        - InitAlgo
      - Move to the template version of these methods all blocks common to all derived config classes
      - Whenever necessary, overload these methods in the derived config classes (including the common parts, no base method call)
      - Bump Config classes version number
      - Adapt the Sts Unpack algo classes to initialize the monitor classes
      - Adapt the CbmRecoUnpack
      - Adapt the CbmUnpackDevice to use the standard Unpack Config classes (compiles with full functionality but untested)
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      Expand CbmTaskMakeRecoEvent to all digi types in order to enable... · 19cd9195
      Volker Friese authored
      Expand CbmTaskMakeRecoEvent to all digi types in order to enable reconstruction and analysis from files taken with mCBM.
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      In STS unpacker, fix bug in handling of TS_MSB cycles happening at edge of MS + cleanup · 15c78e78
      Pierre-Alain Loizeau authored
      - Replace all legacy hard-coded numerical values for the TS_MSB cycle size by a constant derived in StsXyterMessage from the data format
      - Remove deprecated special cases in the handling of the TS_MSB messages which are not present anymore in the current CRI data format
      - Do not update TS_MSB and TS_MSB cycle from the MS header when the cycle happened exactly at the end of last MS
      - Recompute the TS+MSB in TS offset from the MS heder only when changing the Cycle or the TS_MSB from the same header
      - Add static method to convert Message Type into human readable string
      - Slight improve/cleanup of debug printouts and debug levels
      Was leading to errors and a crash in mCBM 2021 run 1588 files node8_3_0123 and node8_5_0002
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